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When to Call a Sprinkler Repair Service

If your sprinkler system is not working as expected, you may need to call a sprinkler repair service. Make an appointment a day before the repair is necessary so you can confirm the details. Depending on your sprinkler system, the repair service may charge you more or less than you would expect. When scheduling an appointment, try to make it around school hours or when children will be away.

Sprinkler repair services should have a routine maintenance program for your system. They will inspect all components to ensure that they are in good working order. Inefficient watering, brown patches, dry spots, or water waste can be signs that something is wrong. A sprinkler repair service should also be able to clean the system whenever needed.

A sprinkler repair service will also have a number of tools and materials for repairing your sprinkler system. Most sprinkler repair services offer a discounted rate if you purchase several parts at once. They also do not charge a set fee per head. A sprinkler repair technician will calculate the time necessary to complete the work, and present you with a fixed price. The majority of sprinkler repairs are performed during the spring and summer months, when homeowners are most likely to be using their sprinkler system.

Cracked sprinkler repair can cost $75 to $400, depending on the area of the sprinkler system. Cracks are often caused by over pressure or exposure to the elements. Cracks in sprinkler pipes can cause leaks, and the repairman may need to replace the pipe or valve. These repairs can be costly, so if your system has a cracked pipe, call a sprinkler repair service as soon as possible.

When repairing a sprinkler, it is a good idea to use waterproof clothing. Most sprinklers will feature a screen under the nozzle. Make sure that the screen is clear of debris and that the inlet hole is not obstructed by anything. Then, flush the pipes using water to clear the clogged head.

Sprinkler repair service specialists will also check the entire sprinkler system and look for any worn or damaged parts. An inspection can help you avoid having to replace the entire sprinkler system. The inspection will also let you know if your system needs any minor repairs or other issues that may arise. The experts will make sure that your sprinkler system is running properly before spring or summer.

Another common issue with sprinklers is low water pressure. This can be caused by broken lines or a malfunctioning backflow preventer valve. A sprinkler repair service will check the sprinkler solenoid to diagnose the cause. If you notice that water pressure is low, the solenoid is bad and may need to be replaced. If your sprinkler system is still operating even after shutting off, it may be the solenoid.

It is important to find a sprinkler repair service with a good reputation and reasonable pricing. Some companies charge exorbitant prices and may not do a good job. Moreover, you can’t rely on their work and efficiency if they don’t provide free consultations and warranties.

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