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Aerial Yoga Equipment and Health Benefits

All kinds of exercises have their specific health benefits but practicing aerial yoga has proved to be unique due to its health full-body workout benefit that comes through the help of yoga equipment namely aerial yoga swings, also referred to as aerial yoga hammock, which is a taffeta fabric or silk that is designed for attachment to aerial hardware to enable the performer do the poses and inversions in yoga while suspending from the ceiling, with the high-quality one being the strong ones that can hold much weight and varieties vary depending on the weight limit, fabric type, foam handle, color, and length is so as to suit the needs of the many people interested in Yoga to gain the following health benefits.

The first benefit of aerial yoga is an increase in strength of the individual especially at the upper body, thighs, core, hips and back areas since it involves holding of your own body weight for a long enough period by the help of the yoga swing, which makes you feel the increase in strength after every session and feel gradually and naturally stronger as you continue with the exercise.

Aerial yoga is also important in improving the cardiovascular health of the individual, which is important for decreasing the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease, whereby aerial yoga works all muscles in an inverted position, which improves the circulation of blood to all body parts, which improves the cardiovascular health once it is done three times every week for 20 minutes, for people who are used to sitting behind a desk.

The third advantage of aerial yoga is its assistance in reducing stress and anxiety while increasing the individual’s body confidence, in which case the stress is reduced because aerial yoga acts as a useful way of releasing the extra adrenaline that may cause stress and also helps in the production of endorphins that reduce anxiety and stress, and on the other hand, one gains confidence because you feel less fatigued and firmer after few sessions.

Lastly, aerial yoga is significant in improving bones and joints health thought the strengthening of muscles, joints and the tissues that connect them while putting little stress on the joints, which is the opposite of what other exercises do, and this is important because people start to lose their mineral density as they start to get old, especially for women, hence putting them at a risk of estrogen depletion, which could lead to getting osteoporosis.

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